National End-User Workshop 2006

It is exciting to annouce that Maxwell Systems is holding their National End-User Workshop for 2006 in Orlando, Florida on May 8th and 9th.

The Workshop is designed for users of the Maxwell Management Suite software. The Workshop is designed to be informative and engaging for all skill levels of Maxwell

There will be two tracks to follow at the Workshop. The Service Track is designed to tie together the aspects of dispatching, managing of contracts, and invoicing, together for service organizations. In the non-Service Track, the Workshop will instruct users on how the Maxwell Management Suite can better assist in the intregration of accounting and project management roles in a construction company environment.

Both tracks will help users learn how to make better use of the tools they have available in their systems. In addition, there will be several roundtable discussions that will allow attendees to share their knowledge and learn about the experiences of other Maxwell users.

Listed below are the links to a brochure describing the Workshop, a link to Maxwell’s registration, and a link to Caribe Royale hotel registration. Please join us in Orlando. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Workshop Brochure
Maxwell National End-User Workshop Registration
Caribe Royale Hotel Registration