Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.5 and 2007 Year-End

The lastest version of the Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.5 and the Year-End 2007 updates were shipped to customers this week.

Among the new features are:

  • Can cause each A/P Invoice to be print on its own separate check
  • Can group invoices on one check by use of a Group ID in Payment Selection
  • Can import Material Requisition transactions via DataLink Import Prefix IC2
  • Grid-style DataLink Import Work File Maintenance
  • DataLink Import can import groups of files at one time
  • Equipment Cost Rental and Billing sub-system
  • Fixed Assets made graphical
  • Fixed Assets Category added to G/L Account
  • Payroll enhanced EEO Reporting
  • Payroll accrual capability added
  • Recurring Pay items such as payment for car allowance
  • Drug Selection Report
  • Exclude certain Rate Codes from the Certified Payroll Report.
  • Report Prefix PRU (Union Fringe, Deductions, Agreements) added to Formatted Reports
  • Plain Paper 4-up Laser W2 printing
  • Numerous Service Management Dispatch Board enhancements including 2-week view
  • Delineate taxable and non-taxable portions in Service Contracts
  • SubContract ability to Generate Pay Requisitions
  • Multiple AIA formats in A/R Job Billing
  • Enhanced Operator Code control features

Maxwell Management Suite
Maxwell Systems

Estimation Inc., another Maxwell acquistion

Once again, Maxwell Systems has acquired another estimating software company, Estimation Inc. For a number of years, Estimation products have co-existed with the Maxwell Management Suite to provide excellent estimating and accounting resources, and that should continue to be the case, now that Estimation is part of the Maxwell family.

Welcome aboard, Estimation.

Maxwell Systems
Estimation Inc.

2007 Maxwell End User Conference Highlights

The 2007 Maxwell End User Conference in Orlando was a great success with over 300 attendees. In particular, Maxwell provided information about features and functions for coming releases of the Maxwell Management Suite product line.

Some of those features slated for the next release are:

  • Allow multiple AIA Laser Formats with various coversheets
  • Generate Laser and Plain Paper Invoice for Equipment Rental
  • General Ledger Capital Asset Tracking if using Equipment Costing
  • Ability to accrue payroll
  • Exclude specific Timecard lines from Certified Payroll
  • Generate recurring pay items such as Car Allowance
  • Enhanced EEOC Reporting
  • Service Management Proposal Interface tied to American Contractor SmartEstimator
  • PM Materials Required by Equipment
  • Support for Tax Distributions for Service Contracts
  • View by Serviceperson in Calendar view Dispatch Board
  • Current and historical activity more accessible from Dispatch Board
  • Ability to view completed work orders in Dispatch Board
  • Calendar view Dispatch Board expanded to view 14 days
  • Enhanced copy and paste of WorKOrders in Dispatch Baord
  • Create Subcontract Pay Requisitions
  • More automated workstation installation process

Subsequent releases will see:

  • Enhanced Departmental Processing
  • Enhanced Menuing abilities

Congratulations to Maxwell on the success of their conference.

Maxwell Management Suite
Maxwell Systems

Estimating Software Vendor, Quest Solutions, Purchased by Maxwell Systems

Continuing their recent practice of acquiring construction software products, Maxwell Systems recently purchased estimating software vendor, Quest Solutions.

Quest Solutions estimating product is a modular, easy-to-use, takeoff and estimating system geared for specialty contractors. Thousands of companies have purchased Quest products.

In the near future, look for Maxwell to allow the Quest estimating product to interface with the Maxwell Management Suite product line.


Quest Solutions
Overview of Quest Solutions Estimating
Maxwell Systems
Maxwell Management Suite
Maxwell Systems

Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.4

The lastest version of the Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.4 is released by Maxwell Systems.

Among the new features are:

  • Missing Timecard Report
  • Automatically assign Employee Numbers
  • Automatically generate payments for Employee Deductions such as garnishments
  • Union Agreement designations assignable by Job
  • Davis Bacon fringe benefits assignable by Employee
  • Automatically covert hours to overtime hours if daily/weekly limit is reached
  • Payroll Reports can be sorted by Employee Number or Employee Name
  • Designate Joint Check information during Pre-Invoice and Vendor Invoice Entry
  • Can exclude Subcontract related invoices in Automatic Payment Selection
  • Enter a string or range of check numbers to be cancelled in Bank Reconciliation Entry
  • Allow entry of hours related to AP payments in AP invoicing processes.
  • Recurring Journals allowed anytime or just once a month
  • Support for Blanket Purchase Order
  • Discount Date field in Cash Receipt Entry to help determine if payment was eligible for discount
  • Include/exclude Discounts in Project Cash Receipts Report
  • Expanded Job Billing Line Item field to 20 digits`
  • Import Billing Items
  • T&M Billing Lines can be set to tax exempt
  • Import data from XLS and XML files
  • Print Order Processing cash and direct sales invoices in one-easy-step
  • Daily Transaction Report in Order Processing
  • Multiple Vendors and Vendor Items assignable to Inventory Items
  • Material Report by Job and by Plant in Material Handling

Maxwell Management Suite
Maxwell Systems

Maxwell Systems Acquires Construction Management Software Vendor, Cheetah Advanced Technologies

On March 6, 2006, Maxwell Systems announced the acquisition of Cheetah Advanced Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of software for highway heavy contractors. Founded in 1996, Cheetah develops business management enterprise software solutions for the Heavy Highway, Utilities Construction, and Materials Production industries.

Cheetah StreetSmarts now joins the family of Maxwell Management Suite, Colonial Systems Property Management, and The American Contractor construction and property management software products delivered by Maxwell Systems.

Maxwell Management Suite
Cheetah StreetSmarts
Colonial Systems Property and Construction Management
The American Contractor

Maxwell System Purchases Largest Dealer

After 21 years as a Maxwell dealer, Paragon, has been bought by Maxwell Systems.

Paragon has always been one of Maxwell’s top selling partners so it is with some sadness that the Maxwell community will say goodbye to Peggy McCain and most of the team at Paragon.

Best of luck to all at Paragon and congratulations to Maxwell.

Subsequent news: Maxwell has also purchased Maxwell Dealers, Sunrise and CIT.

National End-User Workshop 2006

It is exciting to annouce that Maxwell Systems is holding their National End-User Workshop for 2006 in Orlando, Florida on May 8th and 9th.

The Workshop is designed for users of the Maxwell Management Suite software. The Workshop is designed to be informative and engaging for all skill levels of Maxwell

There will be two tracks to follow at the Workshop. The Service Track is designed to tie together the aspects of dispatching, managing of contracts, and invoicing, together for service organizations. In the non-Service Track, the Workshop will instruct users on how the Maxwell Management Suite can better assist in the intregration of accounting and project management roles in a construction company environment.

Both tracks will help users learn how to make better use of the tools they have available in their systems. In addition, there will be several roundtable discussions that will allow attendees to share their knowledge and learn about the experiences of other Maxwell users.

Listed below are the links to a brochure describing the Workshop, a link to Maxwell’s registration, and a link to Caribe Royale hotel registration. Please join us in Orlando. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Workshop Brochure
Maxwell National End-User Workshop Registration
Caribe Royale Hotel Registration

Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.2

Finally, the lastest version of the Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.2 is released by Maxwell Systems.

Among the new features are:

  • Tool bar that allows export of data directly from the Business Center to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Expanded Business Center Filtering ability
  • Email Notification of TakeNote Plus reminders, MyWork Flow activites, Business Center alerts, and Project Document activities
  • TakeNote Status Code allows filtering of just ‘active’ TakeNotes
  • User-defined aging periods for A/P and A/R
  • Business Center drill down to details on Alerts and A/P and A/R Aging data
  • Associate multiple project managers with an operator code
  • Inventory Pick List
  • Job Cost WIP Entry combines Change Order Entry and Projected Cost Entry
  • Able to flag Customers and Sites as Inactive
  • Expanded Check Number field in A/R Cash Receipts from 5 to 20 digits
  • Generate Automatic Contract Renewals with escalation percent
  • Field Info tab in Service Dispatch for direction information
  • Enhance Work Order Material link to Purchase Orders

New modules:

  • Portfolio, available to TakeNote users, shows informative views of reminders, events, documents, images, and files.
  • The new Buyout module handles your procurement process when starting a new job.

Maxwell Management Suite