2007 Maxwell End User Conference Highlights

The 2007 Maxwell End User Conference in Orlando was a great success with over 300 attendees. In particular, Maxwell provided information about features and functions for coming releases of the Maxwell Management Suite product line.

Some of those features slated for the next release are:

  • Allow multiple AIA Laser Formats with various coversheets
  • Generate Laser and Plain Paper Invoice for Equipment Rental
  • General Ledger Capital Asset Tracking if using Equipment Costing
  • Ability to accrue payroll
  • Exclude specific Timecard lines from Certified Payroll
  • Generate recurring pay items such as Car Allowance
  • Enhanced EEOC Reporting
  • Service Management Proposal Interface tied to American Contractor SmartEstimator
  • PM Materials Required by Equipment
  • Support for Tax Distributions for Service Contracts
  • View by Serviceperson in Calendar view Dispatch Board
  • Current and historical activity more accessible from Dispatch Board
  • Ability to view completed work orders in Dispatch Board
  • Calendar view Dispatch Board expanded to view 14 days
  • Enhanced copy and paste of WorKOrders in Dispatch Baord
  • Create Subcontract Pay Requisitions
  • More automated workstation installation process

Subsequent releases will see:

  • Enhanced Departmental Processing
  • Enhanced Menuing abilities

Congratulations to Maxwell on the success of their conference.

Maxwell Management Suite
Maxwell Systems