Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.2

Finally, the lastest version of the Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.2 is released by Maxwell Systems.

Among the new features are:

  • Tool bar that allows export of data directly from the Business Center to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Expanded Business Center Filtering ability
  • Email Notification of TakeNote Plus reminders, MyWork Flow activites, Business Center alerts, and Project Document activities
  • TakeNote Status Code allows filtering of just ‘active’ TakeNotes
  • User-defined aging periods for A/P and A/R
  • Business Center drill down to details on Alerts and A/P and A/R Aging data
  • Associate multiple project managers with an operator code
  • Inventory Pick List
  • Job Cost WIP Entry combines Change Order Entry and Projected Cost Entry
  • Able to flag Customers and Sites as Inactive
  • Expanded Check Number field in A/R Cash Receipts from 5 to 20 digits
  • Generate Automatic Contract Renewals with escalation percent
  • Field Info tab in Service Dispatch for direction information
  • Enhance Work Order Material link to Purchase Orders

New modules:

  • Portfolio, available to TakeNote users, shows informative views of reminders, events, documents, images, and files.
  • The new Buyout module handles your procurement process when starting a new job.

Maxwell Management Suite

Training CD for MMS

Maxwell has announced the availability of a training CD, priced at $109.95 through the month of June. The information on the CD covers topics such as using Dimension and Report Formatters, Business Center , TakeNote, AP Work Flow, MaxCentral, MaxService, Project Documents, E-Portal.

In addition, there’s material that covers using Mail Merge with Maxwell data files and how to setup the use of Plain Paper Forms. And finally, there’s information called “A Look Ahead” that describes some of the future updates that Maxwell plans.

Either call me or Heidi Simon at Maxwell Systems to order your CD. You’ll should find the information very useful!

MMS Dealer of the Year

Congratulations to the team at Paragon for winning the 2005 Maxwell Management Suite Dealer of the Year award.

Paragon has been a Maxwell Dealer for over 20 years and has always been one of Maxwell’s top selling partners.

Led by Peggy McCain, Paragon has proved, again and again, that Maxwell Systems’ Maxwell Management Suite is just the right software for companies specializing in the construction and service industries.

Again, congratulations Paragon! Three cheers for you and your customers!

Maxwell Earns 5-Stars

In the latest CPA Technology Advisor (April/May 2005), Maxwell Systems’ Maxwell Management Suite software garnered a 5-star award. The CPA Technology Advisor said of the Maxwell Management Suite software, “The entire system is a well-planned, high-volume transaction-processing machine that can get the job done for nearly any size business.”

Congratulations to the team at Maxwell, and to their customers, on earning that 5-star award.

The full article is available in the Download page of this site.

Welcome to Hancock Data’s Blog

They say it’s never too late to start with a blog, so, this post represents the first entry in the Hancock Data blog site.

The intention of this site is to provide additional information and support for users of Maxwell Systems Maxwell Management Suite Software.

For the uninitiated, the Maxwell Management Suite is designed specifically for constructions and service companies. Currently the software is used nationwide by a variety of contractors and service companies.

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