Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.4

The lastest version of the Maxwell Management Suite Version 6.4 is released by Maxwell Systems.

Among the new features are:

  • Missing Timecard Report
  • Automatically assign Employee Numbers
  • Automatically generate payments for Employee Deductions such as garnishments
  • Union Agreement designations assignable by Job
  • Davis Bacon fringe benefits assignable by Employee
  • Automatically covert hours to overtime hours if daily/weekly limit is reached
  • Payroll Reports can be sorted by Employee Number or Employee Name
  • Designate Joint Check information during Pre-Invoice and Vendor Invoice Entry
  • Can exclude Subcontract related invoices in Automatic Payment Selection
  • Enter a string or range of check numbers to be cancelled in Bank Reconciliation Entry
  • Allow entry of hours related to AP payments in AP invoicing processes.
  • Recurring Journals allowed anytime or just once a month
  • Support for Blanket Purchase Order
  • Discount Date field in Cash Receipt Entry to help determine if payment was eligible for discount
  • Include/exclude Discounts in Project Cash Receipts Report
  • Expanded Job Billing Line Item field to 20 digits`
  • Import Billing Items
  • T&M Billing Lines can be set to tax exempt
  • Import data from XLS and XML files
  • Print Order Processing cash and direct sales invoices in one-easy-step
  • Daily Transaction Report in Order Processing
  • Multiple Vendors and Vendor Items assignable to Inventory Items
  • Material Report by Job and by Plant in Material Handling

Maxwell Management Suite
Maxwell Systems