Reporting Worker’s Compensation Earnings from Payroll Detail

Periodically, Payroll Insurance Groups are not setup correctly causing incorrect Worker’s Compensation Earnings on the Payroll Insurance Report. And you can just guess how Worker’s Compensation auditors get grouchy when earnings don’t “add up”!

Fortunately, the Formatted Reports PR2 prefix, Time Card Detail, gives you access to the various earnings categories for each and every timecard transaction. Here are those fields:

110 Regular Earnings 
111 Overtime Earnings 
112 Premium Earnings 
113 Sick Earnings 
114 Holiday Earnings 
115 Vacation Earnings 
116 Bonus Earnings 
117 Per Diem (non-taxable) 
118 Expense (non-taxable)
119 Misc Earnings 
120 Other Earnings (total of 113+114+115+116+117+118+119+Union Add-On Pay)
Union Add-On Pay (is 120-(113+114+115+116+117+118+119))

So, using the PR2 prefix, earnings can be reported not only by Insurance Group (Worker’s Comp Code), and can be sorted by Job if necessary. Very helpful if you have Jobs that are wrap-up (owner paid Worker’s Comp).