Limiting display of Maxwell Office Manager Reminders

The Maxwell Systems Management Suite (MSMS) has the ability to remind users, when they login, about Office Manager Events that are open and past their “due” date. But because it can be cumbersome to mark those events as Closed, many users just neglect changing the status of those events. The result of that neglect means that the Office Manager Event Reminder screen is filled with too many older events, so the users just ignore that screen.

To overcome that problem, a change can be made to the CEVLI0 program that will only display a Open Events that are just recently due. For example this change causes the Office Manager Events Reminder to only display the last seven days, today and the six days prior, of Events that need to be addressed. Here is the change for CEVLI0:

45119 LET FIRST_DAY_OLD=6,FIRST_ACTIVITY_DATE$=DTE(FN%DTN(ACTIVITY_DATE$,"YYYYMMDD")-FIRST_DAY_OLD:"YYYYMMDD") ! determine oldest date to display, set FIRST_DAY_OLD=0 to display just today's activities