Good News about Button Menus

There’s good news from Maxwell Systems. They will continue to support the Button style menus you may have grown accustomed to using. To quote Eric Foster at Maxwell Systems, “Our efforts, while encouraging the Explorer menu, will not preclude you from using buttons if you desire. This option will remain available.”

As you may be aware, there’s two types of menus to navigate through your Maxwell Systems Maxwell Management Suite software.

The Explorer style menus look and act like the Windows Explorer feature. The Button style menus are similar to the old menus before you updated to the Windows version of your software.

So even though Maxwell would encourage you to use the Explorer menus, you will still have access to those good ol’ Button menus.

3 thoughts on “Good News about Button Menus”

  1. Michael….whatever am I going to do with you? Brendan asked me to log on and check this out. I had a little trouble getting on with my MS-DOS screens but I finally figured it out. See you in Vegas…Peg

  2. Explorer Menus are OK but when are they going to display the description line? That helps to describe the program or features of the report choice. How about a popup when you scroll over the menu choice. The description line is a very useful tool that the Explorer Menu lacks.

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