Limits to where PDF files can be printed and stored

Some people try to be true to the whole “paperless” society concept by printing all reports to PDF. But, a problem can arise if the path and filename for that PDF exceeds too many digits.

A customer was trying to print an Open Accounts Payable Report to PDF and used the following Path/Filename: “F:\Mxw\PDF\Jason Builders and Service, Inc\Accounts Payable\2009\20090430\Open Accounts Payable Report.pdf” but kept getting a message that the file did not have an extension. It’s clear that .pdf is the extension.

After a bit of playing around, we changed the name of the folder “Jason Builders and Service, Inc” to just Jason, and sure enough the PDF successfully was created and saved.

So the moral of the story is, “keep the Path/Filename combination of PDFs to fewer than 100 characters”.