Reporting service call volume with Maxwell Systems Management Suite

The Maxwell Systems Management Suite (MSMS) Service Management Systems records all the service calls made by customers. Recently, someone wanted to track a customer activity to determine if a service technician had not visit a site in the last 60 days. Unfortunately, there is no reporting mechanism that would allow that kind of analysis.

But, with the use of the Formatted Report ability in MSMS, you can at least see all the calls that were made to customer site in the last 60 days. I know, not the same as seeing sites NOT visited in the last 60 days, but still useful.

The trick is using an Advanced Filter that only reports those calls marked as completed in the last 60 days. For this example, use the Formatted Report Prefix SPB and create a filter called Date Completed, and under the Advanced tab, add this filter:

JUL(NUM(MID(X$,37,2)),NUM(MID(X$,31,2)),NUM(MID(X$,34,2))) - 

Essentially that says, if the Date Completed field is not empty AND the Terminal Date minus the Date Completed is less than 60 days, include the Work Order on the report. Note the JUL function is used to convert the two dates to a Julian date so the dates can be subtracted from each other.

Not the cleanest method of analyzing call history, but certainly this method gives a service manager a meaningful tool to determine if a customer’s needs are being addressed.