Reporting number of employees for Maryland Unemployment with Maxwell Systems Management Suite

As part of the quarterly payroll reporting, the state of Maryland requires employers to file the Maryland Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Contribution/Employment Report (DLLR / OUI 15) with a count of employees working on the 12th day of each month in the quarter. Specifically, line 20 of that report requires employers to

Enter the number of full-time and part-time workers (subject to the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law) who worked during or received pay for any part of any payroll period which includes the 12th of the month.

But, the Maxwell Systems Management Suite (MSMS) State Unemployment Report does not provide the count of employees, so here’s how to gather that information.

The trick to getting the employees that worked on the 12th day of any month is to print the YTD Detail Payroll Register for the check date range that includes the 12th of each month. For example, for January 2009, figure out what check date include the pay for January 12th, then run the YTD Detail Payroll Register and use that check date as the beginning and ending check date.

Now for the hard part — print the report to the screen, then count how many employees are printed on the report. That’s the number to use when completing line 20 of the Maryland Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Contribution/Employment Report.

Another possible solution is to create a Payroll Formatted Report using Prefix PR7, define a Formatter Field called Counter with the definition simply as 1 (just the number 1), then print that report, for the date range that include the 12th day of pay for each month, and look at the total of the counter field at the end of the report.

Either way, to determine the information needed by Maryland requires printing a report for each month that includes that 12th day.