Making the Bill To address fit in a window envelope with Maxwell Systems Management Suite Invoice Printing

Maxwell Systems Management Suite offers the ability to print invoices on plain paper, but it is possible the Bill To address will not appear in the proper position when that invoice is stuffed into a #9 business window envelope.

Typically, on a #9 business window envelope, the window starts 7/8ths of an inch from the left side. But with Maxwell’s plain paper invoices such as Job Billing T&M Invoices, Service Ticket Invoices, and Service Contract Invoices, the Bill To information starts printing at about 5/8ths of an inch from the left side, causing the Bill To address to be obscured behind the left side of the envelope.

To overcome this problem, a change needs to be made to the X_BILL_TO variable in the print program for each type of invoice printing. Setting X_BILL_TO a value of 7.5 moves the print right about 1/2 of an inch and that solves the problem

If need to resolve this problem, don’t hesitate to contact me for the program changes.

How to set the Aged AR Trial Balance default Aging Date

It’s always a pain to have to change the Default Aging Date field when printing the AR Aged Trial Balance by Job report. It’s an easy program change, but the Maxwell Management Suite requires adding a line of code to the standard CARRE0 program that prints that report. Here’s that line of code:

10041 IF X$(41,2)+X$(37,2)+X$(31,2)=FISCAL_YR.VAL$+FISCAL_PD.VAL$ 
THEN LET AGING_DATE.VAL$=X$(41,2)+X$(37,2)+X$(31,2)+X$(34,2)

This change will set the Default Aging Date to the current terminal date, only if the current terminal date is in the Period and Fiscal Year ending date selected for the report.

A better Unbilled Job Report

The Unbilled Job Report in Accounts Receivable Billing is designed to report Jobs that are unbilled.  The problem with the report is that it requires a link from the Job Cost Task Codes to the Job Billing Line Items (which is not always a reasonable approach).

A better method of determining your ‘unbilled’ status on a Job is to create a Job Cost Formatted Report with the Date Last Billed, Contract Amount, Amount Billed, and a field called Amount Unbilled that is calculated by subtracting the Amount Billed from the Contract Amount field.

Then a filter that shows Job where the Amount Unbilled is not equal to zero will provide a useful report.